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Gianna is a producer and visual artist with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art and Minor in Art History (2020). As a co-host and creator of the Artpop Podcast, LLC she aims to inspire the Artpop Tarts / followers to be thoughtful visual thinkers and dedicated fans of their individual and unique pop culture interests.

A content curator at large, Gianna brings the artistry of storytelling to life in digital and in-person realms. Her exploration of multimedia projects and formal works of art using sculpture, printmaking, and works on paper bridge the gap of space and time through discussions on living histories and contemporary experiences. 

Throughout her undergraduate career Gianna worked at The Oklahoma State University Museum of Art developing  curatorial research and programs on a variety of exhibitions including: Little Nemo's Progress: Animation and Contemporary Art; Kiki Smith and Paper: The Body, the Muse, and the Spirit; and 50 States: Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, and Wyoming. Simultaneous, her primary research focused on contemporary consumer experiences and culture through the human figure. 


Her work has been exhibited throughout the state of Oklahoma at the following galleries: Modella Art Gallery; The Gardiner Gallery of Art; The Orange Grove; The Student Union Gallery; Living Arts of Tulsa; The Canopy; MAINSITE Contemporary Art; and Dead People Stuff.

Currently Gianna lives and works in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where her breadth in both visual and technological literacy allows her to continue constructing narratives and environments that form meaningful social connections. Through a deep understanding of art making, creative marketing, and the complexity of media production, Gianna continues her passion of curating critical and thoughtful content that knows no bounds.  

Recent collaborations include: Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 21c Oklahoma City Museum + Hotel, ahha Tulsa, Culturala Arts Theory Journal, Oklahoma Visual Art Coalition Art Focus Magazine, Artpop Talk, Culture Quota's Apparel Glamour & Honey, Zencastr, and Hungry Harvest.



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